A downloadable game for Windows

This is my first finished game. Made with GameMaker: Studio.

Roger the Hogger is a very simple/short platformer with 9 levels. My goal in creating this was to establish some fundamentals for myself when making games. 

This game features: 

  • a title screen with a unique theme song
  • some variety in the levels and a ramping challenge (though the overall game is very easy)
  • is a beatable game with an "ending screen..." 
  • is relatively wordless. Players should be able to play/beat the game no problem without me having to explain the controls to them, either here or in-game.
  • a named main character. This isn't so much a fundamental like the other points, but I wanted some kind of character that would fit the game and that I could possibly build on in the future. Roger is an anthropomorphic warthog who "hogs" treasure. 

Install instructions

Download .exe file, place it anywhere you like, and double click it to play.


Roger the Hogger 3 MB

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